Five strategies to make your marketing efforts soar

May 26, 2019




Needing new ways to make your marketing efforts soar?

Feeling as if the demands of a social media marketing focus are clipping your wings?

Social media marketing offers a range of tools and tactics to help you reach and build market loyalty. But these tactics – and a sole social media focus – are not the only way for you to build customer interaction and loyalty.

In fact, a pure focus on social media marketing is likely to do your brand more damage than good in the longer term. Why? Because social media marketing (SMM) still keeps you at arm’s length from your market. And you market – your existing and potential customers – becomes sustainable when you build loyal and connected champions to your brand. The most effective way to do this is through customer experience.

The best of marketing strategies feature a range of approaches, tools and tactics to grow your business. Each of these requires a detailed understanding of your customer profile. Broadly though, marketing should include face-to-face interaction, story telling, customer engagement and tactile experiences.

This really hit home to me the other week at Mooloolaba. On a sweltering Saturday morning, kids in tow, I was confronted with the sight of the most stunning Macaw with his carer.

It was a smart move by the Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World. Families and kids were everywhere, enjoying brunch and strolling the beach. Engaging with the gentle giant of a bird no doubt created many memories – and a raft of stunning photos that families shared on their own social media networks.

My youngest son is now constantly badgering us to visit the Gardens. Before this – as new residents to the Sunshine Coast – we didn’t even know this existed. And now, without even visiting yet we’ve already had an unforgettable customer experience.

Here are my five strategies to make your marketing efforts soar:

  • Be a presence where your customers and their influencers are and INTERACT with them
  • Create conversations with your potential customers
  • Use the right medium at the right time to reach your customers (including SMM, advertising and PR)
  • Use social media as an engagement tool – not simply a broadcast tool
  • Ensure the customer experience is unforgettable for all the right reasons.
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