Is personable marketing for your business?

March 11, 2019




We are all working to build our businesses in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

 In many cases it’s difficult to differentiate products and services to gain a competitive edge. So how do we relate and resonate with our existing customers and at the same time reach new customers when our business offers the same products or services at the same prices as the business in the next suburb?

In particular, for those who operate in the business to customer (B2C) format personable marketing may be one component of the solution.

Personable marketing brings to life our businesses’ personality and aims to “connect” with existing and potential customers and is focused on tactics and approaches which engage with these markets.

What are the key elements of personable marketing? 

  1. Move beyond being a faceless venture! Every day we see websites, Facebook marketing accounts and other platforms where we can’t find who is behind the business. People do business with people – the business who positions their people (staff and founders) front and centre will connect much sooner with a potential customer than ones who are simply a business entity;
  2. Be clear and authentic about your brand – your style, values and voice. Ensure your brand – your promise to customers – is genuine, because customers can smell a contrived entity a mile away!;
  3. Speak the language of your customers – and be relevant. Social media is a fickle beast – and a beast which is often left to run rampant. Use platforms wisely – as tools which build conversations and experiences between you and your target market;
  4. Storytelling: Storytelling is a powerful connection tool which brings to life your relationship with existing and potential customers. Stories are all around us – how we become the business that we are, testimonials, customer experiences, customer success stories. These stories bring you and your customers together to create an emotional connection which begins a loyal and longstanding relationship.

 Which elements of personable marketing are most important to you and your business in reaching customers?

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