Five ways to alienate customers on social media

March 11, 2019




SOCIAL media marketing offers unprecedented opportunities to connect with existing and potential customers.

While Australia lags behind the rest of the western world in capitalising on the use of social media tools, more and more businesses of all shapes and sizes have taken the plunge. For some though, it’s been a foray into disaster.

Like any other business there is a right way – and a wrong way.

So, which are the five most common ways businesses alienate their customers on social media?

  1. By treating the tools as a broadcast mechanism – to sell but not to communicate. What does this mean? Social media tools are tools focused on conversation – two-way conversation. If a customer posts a comment on your site always respond;
  2. By rehashing a sales pitch and not offering anything of value to customers: use a variety of approaches – tell a story, post a special event or promotion, post a video, give advice … and the list goes on;
  3. By failing to see what others are doing. Like all business activities, its important to understand what your competitors are doing on social media, how they are relating to their customers and what is working for them. Research your competitors and ensure you offer a “point of difference”;
  4. Abusing and belittling customers. We’ve all heard the stories of a company’s social media rant. That’s not to say sometimes customers are out of line – but if a business wants to survive and thrive its much smarter to respond with care in a way that ensures your other customers are impressed;
  5. Believing they are the experts. Before the advent of social media marketing businesses used public relations and advertising consultancies to develop their collateral and sell their messages. Why – because these consultants are experts in their industries. To ensure your business is delivering a strategic marketing approach in its social media foray guidance from a social media consultant will in the long term help save time and make money.

What are your five top tips to impress and win customers using social media?

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