A blog is not a sales pitch

March 11, 2019




BLOGS are a great tool for businesses, however in the wrong hands run the risk of ruining genuine engagement with your customers.

A lack of understanding of the role of blogs is to blame. It’s not simply a task of putting ‘pen to paper’ and writing about the latest products or sales your business is offering.

The primary aim of a blog is to build relationships through conversation. Issues-based, they offer the opportunity for your business to not only impart, but to gather important information about customer needs and trends, innovations, new opportunities and peer activity.

So – how should a business begin its foray into blogging?

Like any business initiative – the key is to plan – why are you writing a blog, who is it for and how often will you do it?

5 tips to beginning a blog after determining the above:

1. Ensure the audience you want to reach taps into blogs – and set up a system to reach them (ie email alerts, links to web page);

2. Read the blogs of your peers, your competitors and your customers and begin to follow and comment on their contributions;

3. Record all your ideas for blogs – there’s often a danger of running out of material if you fail to plan. Steer away from sales pitches and focus on industry and customer issues to build your reputation and relationships with readers;

4. Draft blogs and find other articles and blogs to link yours to in order to tap into new markets;

5. Always offer feedback mechanisms and follow up on comments.

Done the right way, blogs are an invaluable opportunity to get feedback from existing and potential customers – enabling your business to better anticipate and respond to your market.

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