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Sunshine Coast competition is tough, technologies and products are rapidly evolving … getting in front of the pack is critical to business survival

Public relations strategy
Public relations & communication

Managing communication and enhancing reputation, perceptions and relationships for your business to build success

Marketing collateral design and development
Collateral design & development

Development of information, promotional content and other media to enhance your brand

Customer & stakeholder engagement

Building solutions to help you grow customer loyalty and champions for your brand

Ensure your brand stands out

Your brand is your promise to customers and today’s are increasingly savvy … don’t run the risk of losing valuable clients and potential champions to a competitor

Business innovation
Expert strategic advice and planning

Find and secure your competitive edge

Innovation and opportunity development for startups and businesses seeking growth

What do our clients think about Splash?

Accessible and Dedicated


Tracie worked tirelessly to help me create the website that I’d envisioned for my photography business. She was accessible, dedicated and very motivated to deliver an end product that we were both extremely proud of. Tracie is grounded, empathetic and a great communicator. I’d recommend her to those seeking to develop and enhance their business via marketing, PR and web development channels. She has her finger on the pulse.


Forest Harder Forest – Harder Images

Excellent Media and Marketing


Tracie is a very energetic and enthusiastic professional with excellent media and marketing skills. I have found her to have a strong outcome focus. She quickly and accurately grasps project requirements, adds considerable value and delivers in a very timely manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracie to you.


Mark Searle & Associates

Innovative and Insightful


Tracie is a passionate and vibrant personality who demonstrated significant capability in designing and implementing strategic and innovative communication and engagement plans. She excels at developing targeted marketing strategies that enhance brand presence and raise the reputation and profile of an organisation. Tracie provides valuable insight into company operations and is an asset in long term strategic planning and annual business planning cycles.


Jodieann Dawe GAICD – (Former) CEO Water Research Australia

Motivational and Engaging


Tracie is a true encourager who draws people out of their comfort zones and raises them to great heights. Her signature strength is the enthusiasm with which she operates and I’ve seen her motivate people into action a number of times. Tracie is a true professional who can be counted on deliver in trying circumstances.


Marco Wenzel  – Licenced land agent


Research your competitive market and customer trends


Assess your operations and opportunities for consolidation and growth


Intensive stakeholder engagement to determine future growth opportunities


Bringing together benchmarking, analysis and discovery functions to deliver successful innovation

Innovate and create to remain a leader in your industry

Benchmarking, analysis and change management are continuums in today’s marketplace

Innovate to create competitive advantage
Tracie Sanim

Splash founder Tracie Sanim

A former daily metropolitan newspaper editor,  Splash founder Tracie Sanim offers almost three decades experience across marketing, communication & stakeholder engagement. She has worked across all levels of government, and has detailed skills in the finance, education, health, utilities and research sectors.


Tracie holds qualifications in Journalism, Project Management, Business Management (public relations) and in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.For more information about Tracie Sanim’s professional experience visit her LinkedIn profile here


Splash works Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland growth businesses and startups and to build a detailed picture of  their business environment and opportunities in the first instance. We then are able to develop the most effective tools and tactics to secure success! Splash believes in an engaging and collaborative approach to working with our clients and in many ways our business objectives are aligned with those of our clients, The core value of Splash Marketing and PR is integrity – we tell you what you need to know – not what you want to know.